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AlphaSim releases Blackburn Firebrand
Tuesday, 07 February 2006

Alpha Simulations released today their latest addition to the RAF/RN section, the Blackburn Firebrand. As one of the last piston-engined fighter-bombers ever built, the Firebrand certainly did not lack raw power. Now its mighty Bristol Centaurus engine will once again roar into life on your PC thanks to this definitive package from AlphaSim. Included in the package are three models of the aircraft, the TF.Mk.IV, TF.Mk.V (clean and torpedo configuration) and a special Air League Challenge Cup (1950) racer version which bears an authentic scheme and a unique flight model!

The flight model takes into account the vices of the type which made it rather unpopular with novice pilots, but at the same time provides a rewarding challenge. The cockpit is reproduced in some detail and of course the usual animations are present - tailhook, wingfold, cowl flaps, canopy and speedbrakes. You don't have to be an expert on obscure aircraft to enjoy this big, powerful and challenging aircraft - it's a must-have for the collector and casual simmer alike. The AlphaSim Blackburn Firebrand is priced at approximately $18.00.

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