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ActiveSky v6 Service Update 3 released
Wednesday, 15 February 2006

A third "Service Update" for the Active Sky v6 weather engine was released today. In this new patch, there are some minor fixes and improvements: the memory leak problem with extended long-term (3+ hours) use of ASG when using auto-submits and the new default “Keep ASG open during auto-submits” option; and the invalid handling of “xxxxNDV” visibility tags were fixed. Also, performance was improved throughout all ASv6/ASG processes. ActiveSky is a comprehensive weather engine and sky graphics upgrade for MSFS 2004 that allows you to load real-time weather data into the simulator and fly with all the effects present in real life - wake turbulence, vertical air currents, fog, icing...

The ActiveSky weather engine uses advanced intelligence and logic routines to obtain weather data and synthesize it into a beautiful and realistic depiction within the flight simulator. You may choose to fly using real-time, archived or even custom made weather data - nearly every weather condition can be configured and simulated! The Active Sky v6 Service Update 3 is available for download.

  Changelog and download: HiFi Simulations - Forums